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Things to know 2- fun but useless tricks 

 There are hacks, tricks, and glitches, but to figure out tricks, all you need to do is try weird things on the game! Here are a few examples.


 1. SITTING ON TRAFFIC WARDENS- After you poop on a traffic warden, quickly turn around while the warden is frozen and you can sit on him for a few seconds before he disappears and you fall.

 2. Climbing a tree from the ground- First, flap up one time, and perch on the trunk. Then continue hopping upward while rotating counterclockwise around the tree. 

  3. NESTING ON THE SIDE OF A BUSH- There are bushes in the cityscape (hedges) and you can nest on weird places on the hedges, such as sideways on the 90 degree angle side!


  4. FLYING UPSIDE-DOWN- If you are a starling, you can fly under the whitish buildings in the cityscape and hold down the down-arrow and your starling will slowly turn upside down. Also, if you do some weird experiments with flying high in the air you may get to fly upside down as well!

 5. PUTTING WEIRD SYMBOLS IN YOUR NAME- Do this by finding symbols on the internet, highlighting them, right-clicking and clicking copy. Then you can hit Ctrl and V (keys) and paste the symbol in your name! 

Things to know 3- Hacks, Tricks, and glitches!



 To do this you need to first get a cheat engine. After selecting the browser you use to play the game,  log into fly like a bird 3 and enter the room you want. As you can see, your bird has 5 lives. Type in the value which is 5. Then click first scan. It will load, and you'll get a list of numbers and then 5. Now all you have to do is crash so you only have 4 lives. Enter the value 4. Click next scan. Now there are numbers with 4. Crash again. Enter the value 3. Click next scan. Now there are only a few numbers with 3. Crash again and enter 2. Now there's only one code of numbers with 2. Select that code! It will appear below with a box beside it. Click the box and put a check in it. Now no matter how many times you're pooped on or you crash, your bird will never die!


 To do this (this one is tons easier) all you have to do is get a cheat engine. After selecting the browser you use to play the game, log into fly like a bird 3 and enter the room you want. Notice on your cheat engine there is a box with the words beside it 'Enable Speedhack.' All you must do is click the box to select it, then change the speed (normal speed is 1.0!) Then click apply, and your bird is speedy! 


 With this, on fly like a bird 3 the unlimited poo is useless. But if you REALLY want to try it, find out how to on Youtube! (It's EXACTLY like unlimited lives except with poo!)




 When you are "immortal" birds cannot poop on you. However, if you crash or get hit by a warden/car or anything else, you will lose lives. To do this, you do a normal log in BUT WAIT!!!! When you get to where you choose a room, STOP! Click really fast on the room number 4 or more times and birds can't poop on you!


 Most people take the easy way and put their name in as ______, but you can see that when you talk. The true way is to find weird symbols on the internet, such as ʌ ɐ ן ʇ ɹ (upside down text) highlight them and right click to copy them. Then in your name box paste them (Ctrl V) and it won't show on fly like a bird 3. However, it doesn't work for some people. 


 This one's easy. However, your name must have a space in it. Create a name that fills up the whole name box (WITH ONE SPACE IN MIDDLE). Then, after the name is complete, type random letters in. When you talk to other birds, they can see the second half of the name. But when they look at your actual bird the second half is missing. 4 example, my name XxBLACK COMETxX fills the whole box up. When I speak it is the whole name, but when I don't people see it as XxBLACK. Awesome, huh?! 




 This is the new one of them all, and is one of the most amazing. On the one specific hill (get someone to show you "the hill") fly up the side by pressing the up and down arrows rapidly so that you don't crash. It may take a while to find the right spot to do it in. Be a seagull because under ground there is water! Also, you can fly up from under ground and go in houses and trees and trash bins!  


 You must be a pigeon or a starling to fit through. Walk between the crack by the chimney and house. Turn facing the chimney and walk into the chimney. Then turn facing the house again and fly up and in. Then you're in the house!!!!  

What bird suits me best???

There are 5 types of bird to choose from. Here is a little about each bird. You can decide for yourself which bird you may want to be the most. I like crows and seagulls. But you have your own opinion.


 The largest of the birds, the eagle is slow when it flies up and glides forward when flying forward. I find this annoying, but it folds its wings and plunges when you press none of the keys. The eagles make piping shrieks for their calls when they crash or speak. These are the largest of the birds and the easiest to poo on. They cannot swim and land too hard almost always.


 Second largest of the birds, I find the seagull the easiest bird to be for beginners and the most unique of the birds. It is a fairly slow flier which makes it easy to poop on. Its egg takes a long time to hatch. The seagull can swim and it doesn't crash very often and it is impossible to land too hard with them.  


  3. CROW

 These are the most elegant fliers and the creepiest of the birds, making them seem deadly. They crash a lot but are easy to steer. Crows are the middle sized of the birds. 



 This is the most graceful of the fliers and the most original of the birds and stuff. Its eggs hatch quickly. The pigeon is the 2nd smallest of the birds and can fit into the houses.


The newest and smallest of all the birds, the starling can easily bounce high in the air and can fly upside down. It can poop the fastest, and is the hardest of the birds to poop on due to its speed and size. The starling can easily fit into buildings.

































THINGS TO KNOW 1- easy things for beginners


 Nearly everybody who's even heard of the game knows this. Up arrow key makes your bird walk or fly forward. Side arrow keys make the bird turn or walk left or right. Down arrow makes you fly up. If you are on the ground and don't know how to make the bird fly up again, press the down arrow to lift!


 For both of these, all you have to do is press Ctrl, or Control button on the keyboard. This key is located on the bottom row, 4 keys to the right of your space bar.


 For us experts, this is simple and goes quick. But for beginners, it is the most challenging first thing to do. First, you fly down and land on a trash bin. These are beside the orange houses near the many trees in the cityscape. But these are just the easy way to find twigs...except the fact you sometimes get hurt. If you look in the circle of the upper left hand corner of your screen, you will see two orange one and a yellow one. Follow the pointy end and it will lead you to a twig on the ground if you follow the orange one (yellow leads you to chips or pizza.) When you land on the twig it will appear in the circle. Fly to a spot on the ground, on a building, or in the water if you're a seagull. Press Ctrl to set the twig down. A nest will appear. Keep finding twigs and adding them to the nest and after many times you can press Ctrl and lay the egg. You can have only 1 nest at a time and only 1 egg. When the egg hatches it disappears and you get an extra life.   



 The answer is no. The Gamevial f.l.a.b. team has had tons of requests they should add chicks onto the game, but they have had too many challenges trying to do it. It may be a while until they get it right.


 There are many dangers in fly like a bird 3, and for each one you lose one life after it happens. Below I will list the dangers and tell you about each one, how to prevent it from happening, and any other info, but the special techniques on stopping these dangers from harming you or some neat things to know about them will come later in hacks, cheats, and glitches.

 1. BUILDINGS, TREES, HILLS, AND MORE- These are all common things our birds crash into. In the city buildings are a major obstacle course, and in the hillscape the hills are a problem. You can prevent crashing into things by not taking sharp turns or doing daring tricks, or in the hillscape you can fly far from the hills or over them rather than around.

 2. WARDENS, SUITS, AND HUNTERS- Traffic wardens are only found in the cityscape, hunters are only found in the hillscape, and suits are found in both. Wardens are the small yellow-jacket humans, suits are the tall black-suited ones, and hunters are the brown-and-green ones carrying long guns. When nesting on the ground, sitting on the ground, or flying low, these people become problems. We may not know they're there and don't move or move too late. A way to prevent these is to not nest on the ground or always look around you to make sure. You can also poop on the ones near you, but this might be dangerous or hard if you aren't experienced in the game yet.

 3. CARS- When looking for twigs or chips on the city streets, a sudden flash of red may zoom over you suddenly, sending your bird spinning and losing a life. Be especially careful and alert when flying on the streets or getting chips and twigs. Some good things to know are that the cars each only go on their very own road, and some roads have no cars at all.

  4. WATER- In the new Hillscape there is a river flowing through the hillside. You should know that if you're an eagle, pigeon, starling, or crow, your bird loses a life if you crash into the water. But did you know that seagulls can swim? Or did you know that after you lose a life, you can swim around as much as you want?! 

  5. TRASH BINS- Sometimes when you land on a trash bin, your bird suddenly spins and you lose 1 life! This means never go after food in the bins, and rarely look for twigs in them, because you can lose a life when there are other ways to find what you need. 

 6. THE GROUND- If you fly high into the air or maybe even not that high and land, your bird may land too hard and lose a life. There are ways to easily prevent this and even stop this completely! If you are coming in for a landing, rapidly press the down arrow and create a soft landing. Or, always be a seagull, and no matter how high you drop from, if you're a seagull you NEVER land too hard. 

 7. OTHER BIRDS- By simply pressing the Ctrl button, another bird may poop on you and instantly you lose a life. Then they may continue pooping on you and kill you altogether! There are cheats to stop this (see the cheats and hacks section) and if you keep flying, it makes it harder for birds to poop on you.

 8. RUNNING OUT OF CHIPS- If you move too much without eating, your poo-o-meter might run out and you lose all your energy as well as a life. Prevent this by eating chips, and it fills up the meter. Laying eggs and pooping can make the meter run out quickly. Follow the yellow arrow in the upper left corner of your screen and it will lead you to chips!



 Many birds don't know how to do this. Press the Tab key by the caps lock and a box will appear in the lower right corner. Type whatever you want to say, and then hit enter. 


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